Why DC&M for Litigation


Why DC&M for Litigation

DC&M is dedicated to providing effective litigation that allows you to meet your business objectives.

Our commercial litigation practice excels in handling complex and diverse issues for a broad array of clients, including automobile dealers, banks, and other financial institutions, grocery distributors, hotel chains, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, real estate developers, restaurant chains, and television broadcasters, whose claims have varied from straight-forward breach of contract allegations to complex injunction, antitrust, patent infringement and fraud issues.

Whether there are thousands or billions of dollars at issue, we pride ourselves on taking on tough cases in difficult venues and achieving successful outcomes for our clients. These results come from a combination of experience, efficiency, and the ability to communicate and relate key issues to a judge or jury.

Proven Experience
The attorneys at DC&M have decades of combined litigation and trial experience in federal and state courts. We have successfully handled a wide variety of cases on both sides of the docket. For over thirty years our attorneys have secured multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of plaintiffs while also regularly achieving complete defense verdicts in historically ‘hostile’ venues.

DC&M attorneys are capable of handling all phases of litigation – from the first pleading through trial and appeal. It is also not uncommon for DC&M to be called into an existing case on the eve of trial, digest the materials, formulate a strategy, and obtain a favorable verdict on behalf of our clients. This is made possible by assembling a team of professionals characterized by a strong work ethic and the ability to utilize the strengths of each member. In this regard, DC&M selectively hires new associates with the goal of developing talent from within.

Efficiency with Purpose
Litigation can be costly – both in time and money. Our firm is dedicated to providing each of its clients the highest quality of legal services in a prompt and efficient manner. Careful consideration is given to the number of attorneys on each file in relation to the work that needs to be done. We make every effort to avoid over-lawyering or double-teaming a particular matter. To this end, DC&M attorneys do not have billable hour quotas. We place value on the quality of the work over the volume. Our rates are competitive, and we will work with our clients to come to a fee arrangement that is fair and workable to both sides.

Beginning with the first client meeting, we look for practical and cost-effective solutions to help our clients achieve their desired outcome. We avoid a ‘shotgun’ approach to discovery and motion practice – doing only what is necessary to advance our client’s position at trial. Even where a quick resolution is the goal, our opponents know that we are prepared to take any case to verdict.

Effective Storytellers
The jury won’t believe you if they can’t understand you. Whether it’s South Texas or Southern California, our attorneys have a proven ability to relate and connect with jurors from all walks of life. We cut through the complexities of any case and find the key issues and themes that will resonate with the jury.

Studies show that a majority of people are visual learners, processing information based on what they see. With this understanding, we utilize demonstratives and graphics to communicate key points and educate both the judge and the jury. Rather than just telling the jury about an important document, we use presentation software to put the document front and center for the jury – highlighting and calling out key sections. By showing the jury the evidence, we empower each juror with the tools necessary to go back to the jury room and come to the right conclusions.