Why DC&M for Real Estate
and Commercial Transactions


Why DC&M for Real Estate and Commercial Transactions

Our lawyers collaborate with developers, landlords, entrepreneurs, home builders, commercial and non-profit organizations to negotiate and successfully close complex transactions. We pay close attention to the allocation of risks, rights, and obligations of every party involved to deliver favorable outcomes.

Whether a client is buying, selling, leasing, licensing or creating joint ventures, DC&M is an invaluable resource. We take the time to analyze what they are trying to achieve and provide them with the best possible outcomes.

DC&M has a solid track record of representing a wide variety of clients - from startups to sophisticated developers - with transactions ranging from $10,000 to $500 million. While we don’t make decisions for our clients, we provide them with the benefit of our knowledge, respect their risk, and protect them accordingly.

Our clients trusts us for their real estate and commercial transactions because of our integrity, uncompromising quality, and dependability. Our dedication drives us to solve difficult issues while keeping the best interests of our clients in mind.

Proven Experience
The attorneys at DC&M have decades of experience in representing our clients in a wide array of business transactions of every size – from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars – and every complexity.

Our Approach
Our approach in each transaction is to understand the client’s business and objectives, and find a way to make the deal work. Whatever stage of a transaction, whether analysis, negotiations, documentation or closing, we strive to be an effective advocate for our client in a positive manner which affords a better outcome for our client and also for all the other parties involved.

We believe a well-negotiated transaction benefiting all sides brings a better result for our clients and enhances the prospects of consummating that transaction.

Our Goal
Our goal for every client, for every transaction, is to meet our client’s needs and objectives in a manner that achieves a beneficial outcome, and at a fair cost for the value we deliver.